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The first time I ran - part 1

I would be lying if I said to you that I had never run before. I have run before, just not with the aim of getting fit!

I did attend a British Military Fitness class a few months ago. It was tough work but I felt amazing afterwards. My reason for not joining was that I couldn’t motivate myself to go in the cold winter nights. I’ll reconsider it again in the summer.

Back to running. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, just never had the motivation to do so. I was inspired by Charlie Brooker’s article on the Guardian website; a tale of how he moved from the couch to a 5K run. If Charlie Brooker can do it, then I can surely.

I spent a whole £1.99 and downloaded the Get Running iPhone app a few weeks ago. I never normally pay for apps, so I’m hoping that spending £1.99 will encourage me to run.

My first run was today. I set off at midday with a warm-up involving a brisk walk for five minutes. For the next 18 and a half minutes, I alternated running for one minute, then walking for a minute and a half. The app tells you when to start running, when to stop, when you are half way and when you have ten seconds left. The last five minutes are for a brisk walk cool down and stretches.

It doesn’t seem like much but I was exhausted for a good ten minutes afterwards. It’s a wake up call to how unfit I am. It’s been two hours since I got back and I have to admit that I feel like I have more energy than normal. That’s enough to inspire me to run again on Thursday.

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